I'm a developer from Marseille, France. I enjoy switching between back-end dev, front-end dev, and sysadmin every day. I started a blog to share some case studies from my projects as a freelancer. I'm also working with a designer at MD.

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Introducing MD starters

Three starters

As a freelance developer, I work on miscellaneous projects, from the simple single page application to the big API deployed on multiple servers. Some projects share a common environment. For those projects, I ended up creating starters with my teammate Maylis. At the moment we have three starters which come with two environments: development and production.

Monitor an old PHP website

Recently I had to debug an old website I developed in 2011, an ecommerce that runs using PrestaShop (at the time I wrote this post, PrestaShop is in version My client contacted me for an odd bug that occurs sometimes but not all the time. I didn’t want to spend much time on this in order not to charge him too much. So I ended up adding Sentry to this website using their free plan to track any error that could occur. Here is how I did it.

Deploy using GitHub webhooks

A webhook is an HTTP endpoint on your server which can be called to execute tasks. For example in the case of GitHub you can setup that GitHub sends an HTTP POST each time you do something on a specific repository. When your endpoint is called, it will execute a command like running tests, deploying a new version, sending an email, or whatever you want.

Using JS Promises to simplify front-end conceptualization

In February 2014 my coworker Maylis started her project Copier-Créer (means Copy-Create). It’s a daily creative routine about creating images from inspiration. Her work is under a Creative Commons Licence, so feel free to use it for your craft.

Create and publish a PHP package

A few weeks ago I had to write a few lines of PHP to interact with MailChimp and Twitter. To do so without writing an ugly index.php with an if-else-like structure, I ended up using Slim. It’s a micro Web framework for PHP that works like Sinatra. And to test my implementation, I used Postman, because it’s simpler than doing a curl or add some JS.